Audi A3 g - tron wagon review test drive

It is cheaper to buy than a comparable gasoline powered version , accounting for 14 % addition , eligible for the KIA , MIA and VAMIL sche...

Audi A3 g - tron wagon
It is cheaper to buy than a comparable gasoline powered version , accounting for 14 % addition , eligible for the KIA , MIA and VAMIL schemes and it is , after all, every kilometer cheaper too . "Why would you really can not go for an Audi A3 g - tron wagon?” Well, we were wondering. And so there was reason enough to take a step. In this gas - Audi

Driving on gas - also known as CNG or biogas - is still not established. Strange, because it is a product that we all know. We heat our house since natural gas and many also have cooking. Again and again as we do with a car on this fuel vehicles we again ask ourselves why we actually do not (want to) drive. We can because aspect it, but the reality is that the Audi A3 g - tron wagon as it was ready for us as exactly as any other drive A3 Wagon with a similar power output. External differences? No, there are barely. The only thing you see, or actually not so, is that the exhaust pipes are not under the bumper from. And g - tron badge on the front wings is even no immediate turnoff.

Range of 1,200 km
With the A3 g - tron you without you really suits very responsible driving. For the environs, but also for your wallet. We welcome the arrival of natural gas therefore only increase. The benefits are great, while the disadvantages are small. At this moment the biggest move back is its accessibility. In Dutch are 'only' 125 stations offering natural gas as fuel for cars. Thus, there is a national coverage, but just as the main road -- and the first call is not the best gas station there. Is that a problem? Not really, because the range you need not fear the fuel tank - good for 900 km range - after all there too. Together with the two gas tanks, which Audi has installed under the automobile trunk can be filled up but are no less than 1200 km away.

The financial benefits
that with this Audi A3 g - tron wagon is driving will be wise to do specially to refuel natural gas. Based on 15,000 miles per year that provides namely a saving of € 1100, - compared to gas and even over € 400, - compared to diesel. Purely on the combination of fuel costs and road tax. The latter is in fact gas cheaper than gasoline, let alone diesel so! Moreover, in the case of the Audi A3 g - tron wagon from the price at € 28.900, - has been established. That's just a few bucks cheaper than an A3 wagon 1.2 TFSI with an S - Tronic dual-clutch gear case. For so, there balances the g - tron Audi stand it out. So you drive per kilometer cheaper while the purchase price is almost the same. And then there when you come through the rural -- Investment (KIA) ​​, the Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA) and the Vamil (depreciation environmental investment) eligible again have significant tax advantages. Finally, only 14 % aggregation due for private use. Well, we caN not help it, but you are almost crazy if you do - specially as an enterpriser - would not go.

back to the drive, because that is what we have come. Invited by Audi to Berlin The highlight of it we actually reveals, it drives like any other A3 wagon. And that means it is a very nice car. The seats are comfortable; the steering is sufficiently direct and dynamic handling. The noisy character which natural gas cars still had to do a few years ago is not in sight. A3 at The engine seems to produce as a conventional gasoline engine and just wants to produce only a slightly rawer sound at full acceleration. Similar noise and in terms of weight, Audi also all the stops as good as possible to come. A3 from the bus The two gas tanks can store each 7 kg of natural gas and by the application of CFRP 27 kg lighter than conventional natural gas tanks . A tractor stripes he incidentally not. The 1.4 TFSI engine develops an output of 110 hp and a torque of 200 Nm. That he is slightly stronger than Audi’s entry-level engine - the 1.2 TFSI with 105 hp and 175 Nm - but so do not expect top performance. Audi claims a sprint to 100 km / h in 10.8 seconds and a top speed of 197 km / h. And while we're sitting in the sheer numbers, the g - tron emits just 88 g / km.

Own production
Audi believes in natural gas. And supported by parent company Volkswagen. The Volkswagen Group is full in the coming years on the launch of natural gas vehicles. Besides Audi will also Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat have several CNG models? Audi goes even one step further in the fuel itself to start producing. In a unique plant in Werlte (Lower Saxony) can produce electricity, natural gas and hydrogen from wind, water and solar energy, according to the desire. Audi is thus not a major producer, but it shows the possibilities in this area. It’s all part of a process to do get used to natural gas. We step by little we are already convinced anyway. And if you’re in the market for a car in this segment and business drive, then you would do well to the Audi A3 g - tron wagon to consider. From the end of October and start selling the first copies in early 2014 to our country.


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