Volkswagen Beetle 53 Edition: Comes Herbie commemorative edition

Volkswagen Beetle 53 Edition: Comes Herbie commemorative edition. No, no, do not panic, thi...

Volkswagen Beetle 53 Edition

Volkswagen Beetle 53 Edition: Comes Herbie commemorative edition. No, no, do not panic, this is not a commemorative edition of the star of the movie "Herbie butt", in which he shared screen with Lindsay Lohan. No, far from it, this is another Herbie, a much more classic, the legendary Volkswagen Beetle that took part in the first version, the original, a few years before Disney decided to restore the car to suit expressive modern times. A commemorative edition of the classic is now offered for sale within the offer of the Volkswagen Beetle.

 This Volkswagen Beetle 53 Edition pays homage to the model starred in the 1968 version, which was entitled "The Love fireball", a film that, while not appearing Lindsay Lohan, the plot is quite similar to that of the production latest. Some similarities were observed in the case of adhesives and colors of Volkswagen, the exact same dress now this Volkswagen Beetle 53 Edition, which includes many numbers or adhesives.

A special decoration
True, the exterior decoration of this Volkswagen Beetle 53 Edition has its appeal, but it is difficult to imagine anyone who is not a devotee of the classic film, or who wants to feel like Lindsay Lohan (who also and there), that anime to buy a 'Beetle' with colors so particular and recognizable. The truth is that the work is very well done homage, because at first glance all remember that peculiar Herbie.

The Volkswagen Beetle 53 Edition has the dorsal number "53" memorial, celebrating the year when the first Beetle came to market, the stickers in red and blue along the entire top (from the bonnet to the rear bumper ) and to the underside of the doors, and the current logo of the 'Beetle' replaced by the classic 'Beetle' and specific tires. All this for a car with an aroma 'retro racing' of the most fun, along the lines of the original Beetle special editions we've seen in Spain, as the 'Beetle mania'.

Available in almost the entire range
the truth is that, despite what we think we in the German itself to believe that this special issue will have a good reception from the public, why have incorporated it as an option to nearly the entire range the Volkswagen Beetle, except in the most powerful version, which incorporates the turbo gasoline engine. A decision that could define as curious, since in principle a car with sporty looks, even for classic races, could 'request' a more capable engine.

Apart from all these remarks, what remains is that the legendary Herbie, Herbie's classic, one that came before color televisions were something for everyone, and has its unique tribute, one promoted by the brand itself I stood up. A tribute called Edition 53 Volkswagen Beetle which will see if it happens to be a funny story or something reaches the hole made in the market.


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