Fiat Panda Tuning by Novitec

The Panda is not exactly the first car which you think to enjoy a game with your appli...

fiat panda tuning
fiat panda tuning
fiat panda tuning

The Panda is not exactly the first car which you think to enjoy a game with your application. Novitec found that if you apply the right tweaks, you still can travel fast with the roguish Fiat.

 Factory, the Fiat Panda comes with stiff dampers and friendly suspension. This makes the Italian pleasant tractable in urban areas and comfortable on longer rides, but a bend miracle he will never be with them. Novitec claims that this is the case when the Panda provides their sport springs not only stiffer but also the coach with 35 mm lower. From € 108, - you already have a set. For those who want to go a step further can Novitec variable damping mount where the reduction up to 80 mm.

More juice under the hood
Other tweaks that the company that is known for tuning Ferraris and Maseratis can apply to do more with your Panda's engine tuning. For a modest sum of € 335, - Novitec boosts the tiny 0.9 TwinAir up to 99 hp 85 hp what formerly was. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes just 11.9 seconds, and then the top speed increases from 168 to 178 km / h. More wick for the 1.3 Multijet diesel engine is also, but that engine is not delivered in the Netherlands.

Show that you are a little bit faster than the rest Panda driving course so enjoyable. Through Novitec may on the basis of a front spoiler (€ 184, -), a roof spoiler (€ 150, -) and a set of 17 inch rims with either a matt or polished finish. The so-called N10-wheels costs € 159, - per piece and as a set including tires € 1,106, -. Are you going for the whole package, order also the exhaust system with 90 mm thick megalomaniac tailpipes. The surcharge amounts to € 251, -.


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