Skoda Rapid: already started mass production

Skoda Rapid : already started mass production. This year Skoda has introduced two new models interesting first showed them in the event an...

Skoda Rapid
Skoda Rapid: already started mass production. This year Skoda has introduced two new models interesting first showed them in the event and raised much expectation. These models are the urban Citigo and Rapid sedan. The latter has become one of the most anticipated models this year as it had from the outset an appealing and modern addition to complying with good technical features, thanks to the work of the Volkswagen Group. Although at the Paris Motor Show next month will run again, today has started series production of this model.

The Skoda production plant located in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic, has been rebuilt in recent months to adjust to the new Skoda Rapid and power and manufacture 1,200 vehicles a day, with the models Fabia, Octavia and now it opens new Rapid facilities made everything much more convenient and faster, but without compromising on quality at any time.

While most manufacturers in the crisis strong squeezes and forces them to be limited, it seems that Volkswagen Group all goes well and more that can not only keep pace with the production they had in all firms that are part of the group, but also can afford to expand facilities and templates to achieve the production and marketing of new models as in the case of the Skoda Rapid.

If a few months ago, we announced that both Audi and Seat sought in personnel in the sector, confirming the expansion of facilities and increased staffing for the production of the new "Skoda Rapid", the details are no more and no less than 2,000 workers external to realize the adaptation of the plant in the Czech Republic to manufacture the new model.

After being presented at the Paris Motor Show, the new Rapid will be available in the month of October in our markets and we expect a great increase in sales by Skoda. A few years ago we could ensure that the quality and convenience of the manufacturer were modest, in recent times there has been a significant change in the case of Seat, and the manufacturer's reputation has risen sharply in European demand. The main attraction of Skoda today is that despite having an aesthetic of Volkswagen or Audi, and suitable equipment at all times, has very competitive prices and with the times always helps those interested in buying a vehicle again.

The new Skoda Rapid will be placed in an intermediate position between Fabia and Octavia models, and the latter will also receive an update in the coming months to complete the modernization of the range. Thus, it is likely that Skoda offers interesting offers to end the current model stock and this is interesting for those seeking a spacious saloon at a good price.

Recall that in the same way that the model of Skoda Citigo is a replica of the Volkswagen Up! The Skoda Rapid has characteristics almost identical to the new Seat Toledo, the only thing that varies is the aesthetic tendency, respecting the ideals of the Czech firm.


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