2013 Cadillac SRX: Specifications and features

2013 Cadillac SRX : Specifications and features. Once started the crisis in which we are immersed today, some of the car manufacturers hav...

2013 Cadillac SRX
2013 Cadillac SRX: Specifications and features. Once started the crisis in which we are immersed today, some of the car manufacturers have had to make miracles to survive, renewing its models and creating modern and sophisticated projects. That is why in recent years has increased competition between different firms. Cadillac has staged a significant renovation in some of its models and one of them is the SRX, awesome SUVs with a look that follows the lines of its predecessor but is improved in many aspects.

When the first generation of the Cadillac SRX, he was quite traditional, respecting the lines and shapes that had characterized the American brand to date. But in 2010 there was a radical change in its silhouette and appeared a new aesthetic that has consolidated the trend of the new generation of Cadillac. Two years later comes the next series of SRX, with a very similar appearance and with the imminent progression in technology and electronic elements as well as the details and finishes to achieve a wider appeal.

Despite the limited presence of Cadillac in Europe, the division of General Motors has been defended as has been and today continues its production and marketing in our continent. With the emergence of the new SRX this year is to fight against the major figures, both German and Japanese who have recently made a major difference from other manufacturers in the segment of SUVs and jeeps. A great match for the 2013 SRX can be the Lexus RX 350 is about to land in our territory.

Standard Equipment
A part of good aesthetic as that found in the new Cadillac SUVs, we also highlight its progression in equipment over the predecessor version. The art electronic components intended for comfort are vital in a model with the features of the SRX and once again we have a good level of standard equipment. These are the components that form:

• Tires 20 "Exclusive finishes
• Bluetooth system with caller ID screen
• OnStar Turn-by-Turn
• Improved Speech Recognition
• Integrated Navigation System
• heated multifunction steering
• Luxury Upholstery
• Cruise control
• Front seats with memory
• Ebony Interior details

Of course, we have all the latest systems for safety as the electric parking brake, ESP, etc... That most of them already were in the predecessor version, but these times have been perfected.

If we look for a large vehicle, unique and different from other models in the segment of SUVs, the 2013 Cadillac SRX is our ideal vehicle, but cost much to find a local dealer at the time that we have some kind of problem, and you have to note that although considered an SUV, is only compatible with asphalt, no mud, even gravel.


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